We take a different approach to residential real estate.

We build extraordinary residences where liveability doesn't start and end in your suite; it extends to the entire property, to a line up of amazing amenities and the design of the building itself, to small details in textures and materials and to urban conveniences in the surrounding community. We push the industry envelope, leading by example into a future where people can expect more from their new home. Buyers turn to Canderel Residential after asking themselves one simple question: why settle for anything less?

WE ARE Canderel



When you buy from Canderel Residential you’re buying more than just a home. You’re buying peace of mind. Our client care team will make sure you stay up-to-date, getting you the information you need, when you need it, and answering any questions you have. From pre-sale to post-occupancy, you can rely on the Canderel Residential community for support.


Canderel Residential communities are built to the highest standard, delivering a home that will last for years to come. We partner with the best minds in construction, architecture, and design, like-minded individuals who believe that quality today means better value tomorrow.


Choosing world-class architecture, Canderel Residential develops communities that elevate the built form in major cities across Canada. We create living spaces where comfort, award-winning design and cutting-edge amenities come face to face with busy, healthy lifestyles. Our condominium sales consistently break records in the industry because we are innovators who change the neighbourhoods we are apart of by bringing in new retail, amenities, and exciting design all adding to the value of our developments.

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