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St. Clair Village: Your Guide To Living At 900 & 908

Nov , 24
St. Clair Village: Your Guide To Living At 900 & 908

Discover St. Clair Village, a dynamic community nestled just north of downtown Toronto. Radiating an urban sophistication, St. Clair Village harmoniously blends modernity with a neighbourhood feel. This vibrant locale encompasses the luxurious 900 and 908 St. Clair West, poised to redefine the essence of contemporary urban living in this thriving area.

A pinnacle of elegance, 900 and 908 St. Clair West stand as beacons of architecture within this bustling neighborhood. These residences epitomize a perfect blend of refined urban living and accessibility, promising a lifestyle of sophistication and convenience.

Discover St. Clair Village’s variety of experiences, from delicious food and unique shops to beautiful parks and convenient transportation options. Join us on a curated journey through the pulse of this community, offering an insider’s glimpse into the gems awaiting discovery in this flourishing district.

St. Clair Village

A Neighbourhood Enriched with Culture

Arts and Culture

  • Artusiasm Art Gallery – Vibrant contemporary art, showcasing local and international talents in a diverse array of mediums. Explore thought-provoking exhibitions and connect with emerging artists.
  • Lonsdale Gallery – A modern space displaying cutting-edge contemporary artworks by established and emerging artists. Engage with thought-provoking pieces that challenge conventions.
  • Artscape Wychwood Barns  – A community hub fostering creativity. Discover artists’ studios, galleries, and vibrant events, celebrating diverse artistic expressions.

Café Culture & Gastronomic Delights

Cafes and Breakfast

  • Baker and Scone – Tempting aromas of freshly baked scones and artisanal pastries welcome patrons to this cozy spot. Indulge in handcrafted delights and exceptional coffee.
  • CocoaLatte – A warm, inviting ambiance awaits with a menu boasting delicious breakfast and brunch options. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and culinary excellence.
  • Chocosol Traders – Experience ethically sourced, handcrafted chocolates and unique beverages, exploring the artistry behind sustainable chocolate production.
  • Ferro Bar & Café – A chic yet relaxed atmosphere offering delightful beverages and light bites. Embrace the vibrant social scene and flavorful creations.
  • The Rushton – A charming pub setting serving up comforting fare and a selection of carefully curated beverages. Unwind and savor the cozy ambiance.

Restaurants & Bars

  • Pukka – A culinary journey through modern Indian cuisine with innovative flavors and impeccable presentation. Elevate your dining experience with exquisite dishes.
  • Sea Witch Fish and Chips – Dive into the perfect blend of crispy, golden fish and perfectly seasoned chips. A must-visit for seafood enthusiasts seeking authenticity.
  • Roast Fine Foods – Gourmet deli-style offerings and delectable prepared foods, providing a culinary haven for foodies seeking quality and convenience.
  • Shunoko – Indulge in an authentic Japanese dining experience, where artful presentation meets exquisite flavors in every meticulously crafted dish.
  • Lox + Schmear – Bagel aficionados unite at this haven offering hand-rolled, fresh bagels paired with an array of sumptuous toppings.

Fitness & Wellness

Gyms and Training

  • F45 – High-intensity workouts in a vibrant community setting, promoting fitness and camaraderie. Experience transformative sessions tailored to diverse fitness levels.
  • Rocket Cycle – Engaging and invigorating indoor cycling sessions designed to energize and elevate fitness goals. Join a passionate community committed to wellness.
  • Inhabit Pilates and Movement – Discover the power of pilates for strength and flexibility in a welcoming studio environment. Personalized sessions cater to individual needs.
  • Modo Yoga – Serene spaces for yoga enthusiasts seeking balance and mindfulness. Explore a variety of classes to nurture body, mind, and spirit.
  • The Pilates Group – Tailored pilates programs for enhancing core strength and mobility, fostering personalized fitness journeys.
  • Philosophy Fitness – Diverse fitness programs promoting holistic well-being through customized workouts and wellness education.

Parks & Outdoor Spaces

  • Wychwood Barns Park – A lively community hub hosting events, farmers’ markets, and artistic showcases amidst lush greenery. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Hillcrest Park – Green landscapes with sporting facilities offering an active outdoor experience for families and fitness enthusiasts alike.
  • Cedarvale Park – A serene oasis featuring scenic trails and natural beauty, inviting residents to explore and unwind amidst tranquil surroundings.
  • Earlscourt Park – Picnic spots and leisurely spaces fostering outdoor relaxation and community gatherings in a serene setting.
  • Humewood Park – Playground areas and serene walking trails in a picturesque parkland setting for leisurely strolls and family outings.
  • Winston Churchill Park – Lush green spaces and tranquil ambiance offering residents an idyllic retreat from city life.

Shopping & Lifestyle

  • Astra Salon – Trendsetting haircare and beauty services, delivering personalized experiences in a chic setting.
  • Stock Yards Village – A shopping haven with a mix of retail options, catering to diverse tastes and lifestyle needs.
  • Parpar Boutique – Unique fashion finds and accessories curated for style-savvy shoppers seeking distinctive pieces.
  • Nutriviva – Health Food Store – Health-focused grocery items and supplements promoting wellness and healthy living.
  • EcoExistence – An eco-conscious haven offering sustainable lifestyle products and ethical consumer choices.
  • Olive Oil Emporium – Premium olive oils, gourmet ingredients, and culinary delights for discerning palates.

Educational Institutions

  • Winona Drive Senior Public School – A nurturing environment fostering academic excellence and community engagement.
  • Hillcrest Community School – A welcoming space for holistic student development and educational exploration.
  • George Brown College Casa Loma Campus – A premier educational institution fostering innovation and academic growth.
  • St. Michael’s College School – A tradition of excellence in education, shaping well-rounded individuals in a nurturing environment.
  • Davisville Junior Public School – A focus on fostering curiosity and learning through a diverse curriculum and engaging programs.
  • University of Toronto – An acclaimed institution promoting academic excellence and innovation in a dynamic learning environment.

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